Apr 10

What is the Singer Sewing Machine

I’m not sure if any of you guys knows how the old Singer sewing machine still looks like but believe it or not I still have one. It was my grandmothers and then my mums and now it became mine. It can’t do all the fancy features like today’s sewing machines can do but it still does a very good job.
The Singer that I have is still the old one with the hand wheel on the side that you have to turn for the needle to actually start to move up and down. It also a real heavy sewing machine so once I unpacked it  I just left it on the table. Like I mentioned before the old singer sewing machine doesn’t have all the nice features like you find the newer ones have. It can do the basic straight stitching and the different stitching lengths that you can change. It’s real easy to work with the machine and very neat as well.
I sewed quite a few pants and dresses with my machine and they all looked lovely.

I must say I have never had any problems with my machine and never had to take it for a service. I oil it now and then and make sure to clean it properly. It’s probably best to take your machine for a service on a regular basis like I do with my other sewing machines but we don’t really have a Singer supplier close that I know of.
A real working horse if you think about it, my grandmother and mother used it long before I could even sew.


Singer Sewing Machine

So now you know what the Singer sewing machine is and some basics on what it can do it can do. This machine is a real antic piece of equipment.

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