Sep 20

What is Stitching Cards

My experience is mostly in clothing but it seems like stitching cards are quite a popular thing to do these days. It gives a more personal touch to a card as a gift for a friend. It’s basically embroidery on a card; use some decorative stitches to create a nice gift card.So I decided to try this as well and I was quite surprised at how much fun it was. I combined my knowledge from a sewing background with creating cards and patterns.

The first thing to do would be to find a pattern that you would like to stitch on a card. There are a lot of websites that you can use as a guide or even pictures for cards. I started with some very basic patterns as I first wanted to try and see if it’s going to work and if it’s fun.Now once you have your pattern you need to prick the pattern/design onto your card. You will see the little holes in the card. Decide beforehand what colours you are going to use and set the threads aside.Once all is done then you can start with stitching the pattern, just follow the pattern and points that you want to join. You can even use some beading to create a nice effect.Remember to cut off extra thread pieces and clean the stitches, you want a nice and tidy card. You can use different colour cardboards to cover the threads on the wrong side and it gives a nice look to the card as well.

You can play around with different ideas as well but I think it’s quite nice to give someone a card with your personal touch to it.
This is my experience with stitching cards. Try this, it’s something different but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much.

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