Jan 17

What is Blackwork CrossStitch

I have always liked doing blackwork cross stitching. I first found out about it when I was in high school so this is quite a few years back. It’s very basic and not difficult at all but something different to do.

You would firstly get some white linen or hardanger fabric; just make sure the weave is even as your stitches will follow the weave. Hardanger is a very nice fabric to use for blackwork cross stitching.

Make sure you choose a black thread; it should be a thicker thread as you want it nice and visible. You can use floss or silk mori threads just to name a few. But have a look at what is available in the shops and would look nice for your type of pattern. At the same time when choosing a thread remember to get the right size needle to be used with the thread.

The pattern is normally a monochromic theme but of course you can choose any design that you like.
When starting I would recommend starting in the centre of your fabric as this will make it easier for your design to look symmetric. I find counting the easiest way to create my stitches and follow the pattern.

Blackwork cross stitch is really easy and makes a nice picture to frame or maybe for a cushion cover. I used a house pattern and framed it. Really looks nice.

Example of blackwork cross stitch

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