Sep 07

Review on Toyota Sewing Machine

So last time  I said I will get back to you all regarding the toyota sewing machine that I received from my mother-in law.

I received a manual with the sewing machine that made everything a lot easier for me. Firstly to thread the machine is so quick and the installations in the manual is really straight forward you cant go wrong.

In the beginning it was a bit confusing for me with all the different stitches and settings you have to set but now its easy to understand and follow. I think its just because I’m not use to all the different stitching options the machine has as my old one could do the very basic.

I’m still getting use to the 2 different settings for the tension but I don’t think its the me but the machine needs a service. The tension will change will sewing so that to me is the feeder not feeding the fabric correctly. Maybe you guys have some input?

There are some really nice options for this machine so I’m going to get it serviced but do believe I will be quite happy with it. I do find that the sewing speed is a bit slower than my old machine but I cant really complain about that.

A very basic Overview on toyota sewing machine. Please let me know what your experiences were when you received your sewing machine.


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