Aug 25

How to Stitch a Lampshade Cover

Maybe some of you will think this is still very old school to cover your own lampshades but this is actually so easy to do. I have tried this even when I was in school so believe me when I say anybody can stitch a lampshade cover. I’m using stitching and elastic but you can use fabric glue as well.

Firstly you need to take the measurements of your lampshade. Measure the biggest part of the lampshade (around) and then measure the length (top to bottom). Now you know how much material you would need for your lampshade. Choose your fabric and design that you like but also take into account where you want to put the lamp. It’s best to choose colors that fit in with your color scheme.

Measure lampshade

After your fabric is cut out put your edges together on the sides and stitch then together. I normally over lock the edges afterwards to neaten it. Then stitch the top section, I use 1cm. You can fold over twice or over lock first and then stitch it close. Leave a hole for the elastic so that you can pull it tight but you only do this after the whole lampshade is done. So now you have to stitch the bottom section of you lampshade, now here you can do the basic and also create a 1 cm hem or you can be a bit creative with some frills, beading etc.

Stitching and overlocking seams

After all stitching has been completed you will turn the fabric to the right side and pull through the elastic on the top. Now pull the cover over the lampshade and pull the top elastic tight. Then you need to pull the elastic through at the bottom but don’t pull it to tight otherwise you can’t remove the cover to be washed.Lampshade cover

This is a very basic lampshade cover but you can plan and design beforehand what you like, decorative stitching, frills, beading etc.

Hope this give you guys some tips on stitching your own lampshade cover.

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