Jul 25

How to sew hems on kiddies pants

I normally just hem me or my husbands pants if needed but nowadays with the kiddies growing up and some pants are just way too long I have to start hemming their pants as well.

So the basic principal is still the same to sew a hem its just smaller garments you working with.

So over the weekend I took the 2 jeans that’s to long and match a navy thread with the color. I prefer navy as it’s not visible and hides any mistakes you made. Especially if its your first time.

I measure the length and fold the pants in half so that the 2 legs lay on top pf each other. Make the marks and cut off the access fabric.

Preparing to sew a hem

If you have an over locker you can over lock the hems and just fold over to sew the hem or you will have to fold t twice. I didn’t have my over locker with me yesterday so I just fold over the hem twice and placed it under the needle of the sewing machine and kept the foot inline when sewing. Now I have been sewing for years but if you unsure rather pin it and you can even hand sew it to keep it all in place.

Iron the hems afterwards and that’s it, quick and easy sewing of the hems on kiddies pants.

Just some tips, when sewing on a stretch pants remember to make the stitches longer otherwise it will pull tight. This is also one way of sew a basic hem, there are nicer one which I will still write about.


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