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How to Sew a Button onto a Garment

You could either be making a garment or just need to sew a loose button onto your garment. So you need to decide what needle and what color thread you are going to use. You do get different needle sizes for different fabric types and the color of you thread should match your garment or take a shade darker. If you take a shade lighter its more visible to the eye.

If you are making a garment you will have to decide what button size you are going to use and what color. The size of the button should fit the garment type otherwise if your buttons are too small or big it will look out of proportion.

If you are just sewing a button back onto your garment because it fell off or broke, you need to use the extra button given with the garment. Most shops do that otherwise you’ll need to look for a similar button and that could sometimes be hard to find.

Sewing a button on a garment:

Place your button onto the garment at the correct position; just check where the button was sewn on.
Thread your needle and make a knot at the end of your thread.
Make a small stitch on the right side where your button is going and then push the needle through one of the button holes.
Place a pin between the button and garment, this helps you to get the tension right otherwise the button can be sewn on to tight or loose and you will struggle to get your garment buttoned up.

Now push the needle through the opposite hole and keep making a few stitches.

When finished pull the pin out and make a few small stitches underneath the button to secure the button and to make it look neat.


Sewing a button

Sewing buttons onto garment being made:

The first step is the position your buttons to match your buttonholes. Make use of your pattern to check the positioning of the buttons.
Either use a fabric marker or pins to mark the placement of your buttons.
Thread your needle and make a knot at the end.
Start by making a small stitch on the right side of the garment, then push the needle through the first hole in the button.
Place a pin between your button and garment to create the correct tension.
Then push the needle through the second hole and keep sewing a few stitches.

When finished pull out the pin and sew a few stitches underneath the button to make it look neat and tidy.


Marking buttonholes

These are basic steps to sew on buttons onto any garment. In the clothing industries they do have machines that sew on buttons but us at home will still have to do the basic sewing of buttons.

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