Jul 19

How to Sew a Basic Table Cloth

Just the other day we got a new dining room table so I set off to the shop to see if I can find a nice new table cloth for the table. To my disgust I just couldn’t believe the price you have to pay for a piece of fabric if you think about it. So I decided I will sew my own table cloth. I mean really its not that difficult sew a basic table cloth.

I bought a cotton fabric with nice light green, purple and white lines. Something that hide mark if the kids mess and also clean easily. I decided on a light green sewing thread that matches the green on my fabric.

I measured my table length and width. Make sure that you decide how much wider you want the table cloth to be so that it’s not too small.

Cut the table cloth out and all I did for the hem was fold it over twice about 5 mm and stitch a basic stitch. You can decide if you want to add some nice tassels to make it nice.

How to sew a basic table cloth




And this is basically it. I know, so easy and saved so much money!

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