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How to do Basic Needlework

Needlework for me is actually sewing a garment, making curtains etc but needlework can also be any needle crafts work.

Sewing a garment:

Most of the time i make use of patterns that you can buy in shops because then i don’t need to still go and make a pattern. I would also suggest if you don’t really know how to make patterns to go and buy patterns. The shops normally have books that you can browse through and see what styles you like. Whats nice as well it at the back of the pattern envelope they suggest what fabrics to use, how much fabric, what trimmings etc. That’s quite helpful if you don’t really know fabrics and what is needed to makeup the garment.

It’s also best to know what size you are for instance my tops are always smaller then my bottoms. If you don’t know, take your measurements. Use the example below for women, men or children.


Child Measurement


Women Measurements


Mens Measurements

Now you would know what size pattern to buy as well, you will see most of the patterns are a graded set with a few different sizes so you must choose one that has your size.

Now you will be all set and ready to cutout your patterns and start sewing. The patterns also have instructions so there is no need to be worried. Just follow all the instructions step by step and you will have a garment made up in no time.

Needlework Crafts:

There are quite a few different needle work crafts but I’m only going to cover a few of them that i tried myself as well.


Appliques are made of different fabrics and shapes that you can sew onto you garment.


Cross Stitch

You would use a canvas fabric made up with little holes and squares. You would make use of a cross stitch pattern and different color cross stitch thread. Your stitches are all form by making “X” crosses.

Cross stitch pattern


Cross stitch


Is a form of decorating your fabric or garment with different type of stitches, threads and beading as well.




You can knit a garment by using yarn. The stitches being used are consecutive loops on your knitting needle. When each new loop is pulled through and existing

loop  if will form the next row.

basic needlework


These are basic needlework and crafts that i normally use. If you don’t like sewing try one of these crafts, its really fun and relaxing.

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