Feb 09

How to do basic Embroidery

I enjoy doing some decorative needlework crafts and embroidery is one of them. Embroidery is a method of decorating a fabric by stitching a design on it with a needle and thread. It may be done by hand or by zigzag action of a sewing machine.

Today most of the clothing manufactures are making use of embroidery machine, its much quicker and save a lot more time and money. I still create embroidery by hand, it takes  more time but it depends on what design you are stitching.

I also like using beads while stitching my embroidery, working it into my embroidery design.

1. Cloth

You first need to decide what pattern you are using, maybe start with something very basic.Then decide what fabric will work best with your embroidery design. Different fabrics can be use, cotton, linen and canvas.

2. Thread

I always like using different color threads but that all depends on what you have planned for your embroidery design.

3. Needle

You get different needles as well, most of the embroidery needles have a blunt end. If you are using different colors of thread you can thread a few needles otherwise you need to change the thread on the same needle quite a few times. If you only have 1 needle that’s still fine.

Basic embroidery steps to follow

I normally first find the center of my design on my fabric and design on paper, then i match it up and know where to start. Easy way for me to find the center is to fold your fabric and paper design.

Now to start the stitching, there are different stitches that you can use. I would suggest to look at your type design and see what stitch or stitches will work best.

Chain Stitch:



Example of Chain Stitch

Cross Stitch:Embroidery


Cross stitch flower example

French Knot Stitch:Embroidery


French Knot example

Straight stitch:Embroidery


Straight Stitch example

After your first try you will see its actually really fun and easy. Everybody can do basic embroidery and there are a variety of embroideries that can be used.

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