Mar 17

How does Fabric Adhesive compare to normal Sewing

I am one of the old school people that never really believed in the fabric adhesive that you get these days. So one day I was in the shop looking for thread when I saw the fabric adhesive, I started looking at it and read the package and decided to take one and see if it really works like they say it does.

Just the other day I saw one of my favorite t-shirts has a hole in it because these days the fabric quality is not the same like it use to be so after one wash you’ll find stitching holes or fabric holes. So now how to fix this hole because sewing it was not going to work because it won’t look right. I remembered about the fabric adhesive that I bought and decided to give it a try.

I read how you are supposed to apply the adhesive and it seems quite easy to do. Basically you need to apply the adhesive on both sides of the hole, let it dry a bit and then press it together for a few seconds. To my surprised it looked like the fabric was sticking together nicely and it looked very neat but I then I started wondering what will happen if I wash the t-shirt maybe it will start coming loose again.

I washed the garment and I was again surprised, it really seems like this fabric adhesive is working. I have worn and washed this t-shirt quite a few times by now and still the hole is gone and the adhesive is keeping it together. I used the bostik fabric adhesive and that was what I found in the shop but I’m sure that are a lot more different products that can be used.

I think this is really great especially if you don’t really know how to do sewing you can just use the fabric adhesive and your problem is solved. You would be able to hem garments and fix holes.

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