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How does a Basic Cross Stitch Pattern work

One of the most popular needlework crafts is cross stitch and there are quite a few different types of stitches that can be used. I’m going to cover a basic cross stitch pattern that one can start with as we only starting and don’t want to complicate things for now.

Firstly we need to look at what we need to start with cross stitching.

Firstly decide on a basic and easy pattern to use, a design that you can follow and that don’t  use too many different colors etc.
Get your different color of embroidery floss that you would like to use, a lot of the designs show how many different colors you will need.
Buy your fabric and your embroidery frame to put your fabric in.
The correct needle for stitching.

Cross stitch

Example of a basic cross stitch pattern

You will first have to transfer your design onto fabric. Fold your fabric into halves to get the center so that your design will be placed perfectly. Now you can place your fabric into the embroidery frame. First make a knot before making your first stitch otherwise you will pull through the floss. You will first start with your cross stitches that looks like a “X” and most of the time you will start in the center and work outwards.

To make the cross stitch you will start from the on side “/” and create the first part of the “X”.
If there are a few stitches in the same row you can continue with the first stitch “/” and after the last stitch you will now create the other side of the stitches “\”. Don’t pull the embroidery floss to tight it is suppose to be neatly done and a loose tension.

cross stitch

Cross stitching

I prefer working and finishing one color floss before starting with my next color but it depends on how you want to work and what you are comfortable with. Once you are finished with one row or color and you want to finish off you will pull the floss through to the wrong side(back), now thread your floss through some of the stitches at the back and cut the floss. This will make your work neat.

These very basic steps will help you with with your first basic cross stitch pattern. Before long you will master the steps and can move onto more intricate patterns.

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