Feb 13

Discover some basic sewing machine stitches

In today’s world there are a big variety of sewing machines. I have personally worked on a Singer, Frick, Bernina and Nina home sewing machines. In the clothing industries you also have a big variety of sewing machines, while i was studying i used a Brother industrial sewing machine. There are some differences in home sewing machines and industrial ones. It all depends on what you prefer, i like the home sewing machines as they are smaller and some machines have more functions than the industrial machines.

Sewing Machine

Home sewing machine

It quite important to understand your sewing machine and know the correct settings. The tension of your thread and the type of fabric being used should be correct otherwise you can run into some problems. Normally you get a booklet with your sewing machine or some shops offer classes. When i bought my sewing machine the shop gave 5 free lessons to help me understand and know my sew machine. I learned quite a lot and it was very nice.

So lets start with covering some very basic stitches on most sewing machines.

Straight stitch:

All sewing machines will have a straight sticth as this is your base sewing stitch. You can change the length of your stitch so it depends if you just want to sew or maybe use the stitch for top stitching.

Zig Zag Stitch:

Also one of the stitches that most machine will have. The older sewing machine you would use the zig zag or the three step zig zag stitch to finish raw edges and that your fabric wouldn’t fray.

Blind hem Stitch:

The blind hem stitch or the stretch blind hem stitch are an invisible stitch used for hemming. This stitch also allows stretch when working with a stretch fabric like knits.


Most of the overlock stitches of today will stitch and finish off raw edges at the same time. It’s really quick and very neatly done when using this stitch.

Decorative stitch:

There are 2 basic decorative stitches, one is the satin stitch or the tracery stitch. A lot of the newer sewing machines have a various of decorative stitches and some can even be programmed with design and stitches.

Sewing machine stitches

Example of some stitches

These are just some of the basic sewing machine stitches that’s used. There are a lot more and it also depends on what sewing machine you are using. The newer sewing machine will offer more than the older ones.

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