Jul 27

Create Invisible Hem in Jeans

So the other day when I was explaining how to hem kiddies pants I just used the normal original hemming procedure that we all know how to do. The invisible hem is quite nice to use and nobody even knows you adjusted the length of your jeans. I normally just use this method on jeans, normal pants i used the original way of hemming as it makes no difference and its maybe a little quicker to.

So firstly we measure the length we want to adjust the length by. You can just put on some shoes and measure the desired length. Once this has been done you can fold over the required measurement and pin the hem. Pin especially if you new to this method.

Pinning the hemDon’t cut off the excess fabric yet, its easier to first sew the invisible hem and then over lock. Please make sure you are using the correct needle on your sewing machine for the side seams where the fabric is really thick.

Invisible hemSo when you look at your final product you will see that how easy it really is. Nobody will be able to notice the difference at all as it looks the same .

Easy way of creating an invisible hem in jeans. Everybody will just love it!





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