Nov 21

Basic Sewing Tips for Beginners

Now sewing looks quite easy but to some this is really not as simple as it looks. Lucky I grew up in a family were most of us can do some basic sewing. It’s a great hobby for me even though I don’t always find time but it’s really nice and relaxing.

Before starting a sewing project or item it’s quite important to first test how your sewing skills are. First get to know your sewing machine and all its settings. Get some scrap fabrics and sew all kinds of patterns, till you are satisfied with your results.

Basic sewing tips for beginners:

Once you are happy and comfortable you can now start.

  • Decide on your sewing project or item and make sure it’s not too difficult for the first project. If you aren’t sure maybe get a basic pattern for a garment for example a basic T-shirt or even a small bag. You can normally buy these patterns online or any fabric shop.
  • Read your instructions carefully on the pattern; make sure you get the right fabric and accessories.
  • I normally start with fusing parts after I cut out the parts and the start sewing. Now before you start to sew you can either pin the parts or hand sew it roughly together. I don’t even bother these days as I have been doing it for years now and I’m quite confident.
  • Make sure you do not oil your sewing machine before sewing as it can mess in your fabric.
  • I first test a small piece of the fabric to make sure the tension of my machine is correct. Now you should be able to start sewing.
  • After your garment is done you can iron to make it look neat.
  • Have patience with yourself, it happens when you make mistakes and have to unpick. Unfortunately is all part of sewing.
  • If you are really struggling to sewing or start a project, I would suggest go for sewing classes. Some fabric shops and sewing machine shops normally offer classes. They are really helpful and you learn a lot.

These are some of my basic sewing tips for beginners. Good luck with your first sewing project and hope these tips are helpful to you.

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