Jul 26

Basic Ironing Tips

I don’t know about you all but I always assumed everybody would know how to iron clothes but it seems like there are a lot of people that just don’t bother or aren’t interested to learn. I’m not only talking about women but men as well.

That’s why I going to give you some basic ironing tip on how to iron your clothes.

Firstly I always read the label as different types of fabric needs to be ironed with different temperatures.

I only use boiled water in my electrical iron as it steams much better that way when ironing.

Always iron your cloths inside out, so if the iron is to hot at least the mark will be on the inside. I also iron on the inside because some fabrics become quite shinny when ironed on the right side.

If you are ironing and the creases doesn’t want to go out you can always take a damp thin cloth and through it over the section you are ironing and then iron onto the damp cloth. This method can also be used if you have fabrics that you aren’t sure about how to iron.

Sometimes when you load your washing into the washing machine and it’s too big you will see white/grey markings especially on darker clothes. I always wait till its dry and then use a damp cloth to rub the marks off before I iron it. Don’t rub too vigorously but softly. If the marks doesn’t come out then you’ll have to wash it again. Maybe rinse it again after you washed it and sees it has the marks on.

When you start ironing a garment always start with the waistband on pants and skirts or at the collar or neckline on dresses or shirts. These are always the tricky parts and the rest are normally easy.

Steam Ironing Machine

Steam Ironing Machine

Vacuum Ironing Machine

Vacuum Ironing Machine

I also feel that it’s more the steam that really irons out the creases than the heat of the iron. Don’t know if you see in clothing shops they hang the clothing item on a hanger and steam iron the clothing. The irons they use in clothing factories are also more steam and vacuum than really the heat of the iron.

These are just some basic ironing tips that I find works best when I iron my clothes.

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