Mar 14

7 Tips when doing Needlework

Needlework can entail a big amount of different sewing projects or needlework crafts. I enjoy needlework and it’s probably my favorite hobby as there are so many different needlework crafts or sewing projects that I can choose from.

These tips are all my own tips and that I found works well for me.

One tip when starting to sew or do needlework crafts, always start with the basics and a small easy pattern.

  • I have mention this one quite a few times and it is really important that you use the correct needle for the type of fabric you are using. If you are sewing by hand or machine you have to have the correct needle. I have used the wrong needle on a fabric and believe me it ruins your fabric.
  • Always check you tension when using a sewing machine, if the tension are to tight it could pull your stitches and break them and when the tension is to loose  it can create a puckering affect or if you want to use it for gauging
  • When knitting and your hands get sweaty I use baby powder on my hands, don’t use too much though otherwise your needles and wool will be covered in white baby powder. Try it, it really works.
  • When I do some hand sewing I make use of a timble. I know it’s very old school but trying to push a needle through some thick fabric it can make your finger sore. That’s why a timble works quite well especially if you work on appliques.
  • Have a lot of patience, I know this sounds like a simple tip but believe me when you are sewing and have to unpick quite a few times you don’t really have a lot of patience left and then you can ruin your sewing.
  • Make sure you have a magnet, doesn’t have to be a big one but having one help. What happened to me before is that my little box with pins falls on the ground and it takes forever to get them all but if you have a magnet it makes it so much easier finding them all.
  • If you ever have some oil spilling on your fabric because of you sewing machine, just use dish washing liquid straight away. Put a little bit on you oil mark and wash with hot water. You will see it works really well.

These are just some tips when doing needlework that helped me along the way, there might be easier and better ways of doing it as well.

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